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Backgammon on - A Review
As one of the most active backgammon websites on the Internet, GamesGrid offers a variety of features familiar to backgammon fans and the added benefit of some of the world’s best players. The site requires an $80 annual membership fee for full members, though players are permitted to enter as guests. Guests may only play matches to 3 points though and do not have access to most of the advanced features on the site such as messaging.

The Backgammon Software

  • Games Grid’s software application for backgammon is well developed, utilizing a clean graphical interface and a variety of features. Players can choose from a variety of different board setups and choose to view the game board in either 2D or 3D. Any of the main features players are familiar with in online backgammon are featured here as well as the Grid Messages system that allows users to leave each other messages.

    An interesting addition to the interface is Automated Match Resolution. Occasionally a player is disconnected or must leave a match. Matches on other sites might be left unfinished for days, however on Games Grid, the match will only wait a few days before the odds of either player winning are calculated and the associated ratings are adjusted accordingly.

Tournament Play

  • Games Grid offers a limited selection of tournament options and many of those selections are only 1-point matches. The league play on the site is organized by divisions and each player is situated in a division according to how well they play. However, these matches are not for money.

    There is a monthly tournament though with a decent pay out and a $100 to $150 entry fee. The 4-player jackpot matches allow entry fees between $25 and $1000 and generally offer a standard 90% return. However, the tournaments and matches are run manually by a moderator and thus require someone to be available as well as enough players to fill the room.

Money Play

  • The money play option on Games Grid does not feature any organized matching system. Instead, users can send an IM or an invite to other players to get a match started. Finding medium and high stakes matches on Games Grid is much easier than some other sites because of the high level of play. So, for lower level players, it is important to remember the level of the opposition.

    Also, it is entirely feasible and not that hard on Games Grid for a high level player to lower his rating and play low level players for high stakes. The Rakes are moderate and generally average compared to other Backgammon sites, and the High stakes games feature a maximum rake of 80 cents, significantly lower than other popular sites.
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