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Backgammon Strategies
As with anything in life, it counts a lot if you are goal-driven, and as important as that is to use the best ways to achieve that goal. Often you can develop your own strategies, but it is better to check first on how others play as when in Rome it pays off to do as Romans do. There are several strategies to win and sometimes you may need to combine them. Yet you should quickly shift from one strategy to another one depending on the course of the game.

This is one of the things that differentiates winners from losers.

You can use the strategies presented below either when playing with friends at home or when playing backgammon online for real money. Of course, when you are choosing the best strategy the major fact to be considered are the early dice rolls. The backgammon pros kind of agree that there are about 5 basic backgammon strategies.

The running game backgammon strategy

  • You can consider this approach if one of your first rolls is 5-6. This means that you can quickly move your checker from your opponent's home board to his outer board. Also you could use this tactic if there are no further chances for your opponent to hit any of your checkers as you have passed them all, or when you are likely to pass all of them. So running game strategy spells with big rolls in the beginning of the game.

The holding game

  • It basically means keeping a point in the opponents home board area. The higher the position held the better your chances to win. This has two advantages: you may hit easier bloats in his outer board area and also in case you get hit you have at least one point where to land when re-entering. There is also a down side, if your anchor position is not on the opponent's 4,5,6 points you might get stuck with your checkers.

The priming game

  • It is what i mentioned in the holding game as a counter measure if you do not succeed to get a good point on your opponent's board. The priming game refers to building a prime, that is a wall of subsequent points if possible 6 in a row, but often a wall of for or five on your outer board will block your opponent in your home board. The next step is to block as many points as possible on your home board and possibly as a continuation of your outer wall.

    If you succeed to trap a blot on your home board you may even try doubling as the chances of your counterpart to win decrease significantly. If both players choose to build up prime walls, the one with a longer prime is likely to win.

The backgammon blitz

  • The blitz tactic is to attack the opponent's checkers. This means you can keep him busy with re-entering them. Still this is not sufficient if do not start blocking the points on your home board. This would pay off big time if your counterpart is kept with checkers on the bar until you start bearing off. This is then your game.

    Still this tactic may be risky as you may be blocked to make anchors in your home area, and the course of the game may go against you. Also you may check if it is wise to risk being hit. If your opponent has many anchors in his home area, blitz game strategy is not a wise thing to do. When playing online for real money you should know when to double.

    Blitz strategy can be bring a lot of cash to your pockets.

The Two-Way Forward Game

  • It is a tactic that combines blitz and prime strategies. This means building a small prime of a three or four points and then hit your opponents checker. Still you should avoid letting your opponent have anchors in your home area. It is again a good strategy to use doubling and hence making money online.

The Back Game

  • This strategy should follow in if many of your checkers get hit. It means from your part anchoring two or even more points on your opponent's home board. Still to win with this strategy you should succeed to hit a blot in the later part of the game. Also good rolls are quite essential. This strategy should be used only if you are pushed to by the game circumstances. Never aim for this startegy.

    This strategies can be practiced best online and then you can put yourself to the test and play either against your friend or online in backgammon game for real money.
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